The Acorn People: A Lesson in Service

Fred Rating: **** 4/5



The Acorn People, a book of many themes, is one of my best reads in quite a while. Not often do I leave the genre of fantasy and sci-fi, but I am very glad I did with this book

After reading The Acorn People, I was left with a great feeling of heaviness. The temes of change, capability, and pure stubbornness are strong throughout this book. I had no idea just how much anyone can change in the span of a term at camp, but this book left me speechless. The kids went from helpless bodies pushed in wheelchairs to capable kids having fun and refusing to give up on any challenge presented.

However, the campers weren’t the only ones that were changed. Ron Jones, the author and a counsellor at the camp, changed a great deal too. At the beginning, he was there for a way to make money and have fun. While he does do that, it stops being for the money and starts being for the simple act of caring for fellow man. He starts to see the children as individuals rather than a group of people to pretend don’t exist. He builds his capability to care. He learns how to put others first and himself second. The events that take place at the camp prompt him to write the book which is in and of itself, an advocate for children with physical and mental handicaps. I know it changed how I saw them. Through the acts of the characters in this book, I learned about the power of service in helping others and, in turn, helping yourself.

As you can see, this book has had a great effect on me. It has changed how I look at many things like service, people, and life’s quirks. How people can fight through things that you wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to conquer. So the next time that you don’t have a book, pick up a copy of The Acorn People. It’ll give you a new idea of what people are capable of.

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